Incremental backups are the same size as a full backup

I have the pro version. I am backing up a HDD which has 1.3TB of data to a NAS. I have scheduled weekly incremental backup. The full backup is 1.3TB and took 30 hours. Each subsequent incremental backup is also 1.3TB and takes 30 hours. Surely the incremental backup should be small and quick. My NAS is almost full after 3 weeks. Please advise


  • Please click Advanced-->Properties-->Versions and show us the result.
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    I have similar results, take a look at details please:

    I do not understand why does it makes full backup when it is set to incremental one? I have 6 computers in total and same problem is occuring on 3 of them - they all set the same way as seen on screenshots. I am just after buying a licence for Pro version as I like the program, but needs it to run properly!!!

    Very same thing happens with file backup:
    it creates full size backup for no reason!
  • @Bazideluxe Please create a new task to see if it works.
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