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Should I use System or Disk Backup?

My C drive is dedicated for my operating system and my D drive for data. Aomei Backupper offers System Backup and Disk Backup. For my C drive, in case of a crash, I'm not sure whether I should use System Backup or Disk Backup. The goal is, in case my C disk crashes, to be able to rebuild it.


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    System backup is basically C drive. Everything you need to boot the OS, including the whole C partition.
    If D is a partition on the same physical disk and you want to backup that data too, you can choose Disk backup (that is C+D together)
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    Thanks...looks like System backup is what I was looking for...

    But, just to be sure, my D drive is a separate physical drive that I use for data.  The C drive has more than one partition, the main one and the additional small ones that are a product of installing the operating system (e.g., System Reserved (500 MB); C (464 GB); and Recovery Partition (468 MB)).  I didn't create them specifically.  Assuming they're all needed if you have to rebuild your boot disk, does the System backup capture all those?
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    Both types of Backup will make a backup image capable of booting when restored, so including the System reserved and C and maybe the Recovery Partition. Aomei will decide what is needed...
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