boot-able usb to copy bad hd to ext hd

Greetings here with a question or two; 1)...WIN XP, dell desktop, 1tb sata hd, plenty of ram, 3.2ghz processor. 2)...Lost or deleted single and only partition on 1 tb hd. 3)...I want to attempt to pull data (recover data or restore single partition) but, want to back up the drive to a 4tb ext hd. before I attempt it. 5)....Yes, i know XP has a 2tb limit which leads to the next question - Will this program back up to that EMPTY DRIVE and use whatever space it needs? 6)...I need to know if this program can be downloaded to a flash drive and bootable? 7)...My desire is to place boot-able usb into computer, have it recognize defective drive and ext hd, be able to copy defective to ext hard drive. Thanks for any assistance!


  • oops!...I should have specified the AOMEI Backupper freeware version!...Sorry.

  • I'm sorry but what's the point of backing up an empty drive?
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