Restored to Windows 8.1, then upgraded to Windows 10. (The previous One Key Recovery did not work)

So I was unable to get Aoemi One Key Recovery to bring back an HP All in One from a previously saved Windows 10 image. 
I was able to recover to (the HP original) Windows 8.1, then successfully upgraded to WIndows 10 Home. All updates seem to be current for W10 now.
There appears to be no AOEMI One Key program installed, although the option is displayed in the UEFI boot. I'd like to clean it all up and eliminate the Windows 8.1 Recovery, so that I have a Windows 10 Recovery Option instead.
I am guessing I need to reinstall the AOEMI One Key program, then uninstall it to eliminate start up prompts, clean up the drive with the Partition Manager. (See the image: 8 Partitions!)
I am not sure which partitions need to be deleted and which need to me merged. As it is now, Windows Backup will not run to an external device, so looking to reinstall AOEMI after cleanup to develop a stable recovery environment! Suggestions welcome!


  • Please delete AOMEI (D:) and AOMEI Recovery Partition (E:).
  • Thank you...

    Is the remaining Recovery Partition (F:) the original Recovery Partition (to reset to Windows 8.1?). 
    Will the Windows RE Tools work within a Windows 10 boot environment, or is left over from Win 8.1?
    What of the other Healthy OEM Partitions? Is the EFI System Partition a keeper?
    I want to get this set so it will recover to Windows 10, as it is presently all up to date and what I would like to get back to if another recovery is needed.
    I guess I am worried that I may remove and/or keep something that I should not, and break it...
  • You don't need to consider about other partitions, use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to backup your current system and you will have a Window 10 recovery environment.
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