Cannot change taget disk


First time user.

I have two external hd's connected to my laptop since I want to make different backups to differet target disks. I made a file backup to my E-disk. and wanted to make a disk clone to the F-disk. Unfortunately there is no way to change the target disk since it is not shown as target disk.That said there seems to be just one solution: close the aomei-software, unplug the E-disk, connect the F-disk and start-up the software. I'm not sure but don't think this is the way.

Any suggestions?

KR, Leo


  • If you click Clone-->Disk Clone, can the drive be listed?
  • I started everything up from scratch and now I see both hd's. No idea what went/was wrong but all seems okay now. Thanks for your quick response.

    KR, Leo
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