Backuper assigns drive letters to efi(uefi), empty disk area and recovery partitions

Backuper assigns drive letters to efi(uefi), empty disk area and  recovery partitions; causes 0xC000000E error when trying to boot from the cloned disk.
Legacy bios and mbr system disks do not have this issue.
If not going to a same size or smaller disk, this is an issue when going to a larger size media as the increased size causes the above issue.


  • I had the same problem restoring a Disk Backup to an MBR drive. I was doing a test restore to a spare SSD (same size) and Backupper assigned a letter to the Recovery Drive partition. I emailed support and they were aware of this "glitch" and said I could just remove the letter in disk management or using diskpart. Since you can't boot into windows, you could try diskpart in a Win Pre Environment to remove the letter(s). Once done, you should be ok. 
    It probably would have assigned a letter to my System Reserve Partition if I had one, but a real restore using Ghost 15 several years ago removed that partition and put the boot sector in my main C: drive partition and made it active. That has not presented any problems for me and probably won't unless I want to use bitlocker. 
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