Simple question...Did a "Disc" backup and now want to backup daily or weekly.

Simple question - did a "Disc" backup and now want to backup daily or weekly. Understand that the "Disc" backup I did backed up everything on my C drive, so if I someday need to restore either the present HD, or a new HD to replace the current one, the restore will only include the files data etc contained as of the date of the "Disc" backup. 
Want to keep the backup up to date. What do I need to do?

Thanks guys and gals for kindly answering. Not sure why when you  do a "Disc" backup there isn't a box to check that will keep everything current automatically.


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    You need to read how to schedule a backup, set a scheme and how manage backups...etc. in the help files.   Some functions require the Pro version. Basically, you can add to your backup daily, weekly or monthly using either incremental or differential backups and keep as many versions as you want or have room for. If after reading the help files you still have questions please repost and someone surely will be able to help you. Start with Schedule Backup and read the options in the left column.
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