Restore disk error 214: "disk not enough reserve space" on exactly the same disk

I have been using Aomei backupper for years (successfully) and I recently had my company buy the Technical edition and full support.  Well, for the first time I am getting the 214 error on a restore to the same sized drive as the backup. The integrity of the backup has been verified.  I could really use some help.  I am on my fourth attempt ( I have tried to wipe out the partitions on the target and restart and still same error). This is a window 7 image (500GB disk) to a 500GB disk.   


  • Just a stab... did you clean the target disk in diskpart? And is it formatted MBR or GPT? Needs to be same as source. You probably did that but just checking.
  • Thanks, and yes I did. 
  • Still same issue.

  • Did you use the latest version 4.1?
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