AOMEI OneKey Recovery-Customized Technician-Failure to create backup "Performing Reboot Mode Failed"

I am using the AOMEI OneKey Recovery-Customized Technician software.  I have been for years and have few issues however it has failed to complete the backup on a few PC Tablets that I have tried.  The newest one is an HP X2 210 G2.  It is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. 
The software installs well.  The backup begins and proceeds as normal to about 30%.  Then it jumps to 100% and stops.  The list of tasks stops with the final line of "Performing reboot mode failed".  Is there something that needs to be changed in the BIOS Settings?  How can I get this to create a complete recovery?
Please see the screenshot of the failed recovery creation.


  • Can you try to backup in PE to see the result? Click MakeDisc.exe in the installation directory to make a PE.
  • I do not see the option to MakeDisc.exe anywhere.
    Are referring to the installation directory of the Aomie? 

    Please clarify
  • edited June 2019
    Yes, it is in the installation directory.
  • please give the solution i have problems with reboot mode failed. 
  • @deepu083 ; Did you try to make PE manually?
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