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Installing AOMEI Partition Assistant

I have just downloaded AOMEI Partition Assistant.
I have a notebook with a damaged (nonfunctional) W10 O/S.  I want to use another computer to install AOMEI on a USB flash drive, then use that stick to boot the troublesome computer.  I will then probably wipe the unwanted partitons from the disk, prior to installing a fresh copy of W10 on the computer. (I have to licence key for W10)

When I try to install AOMEI on the D drive, I change the default location OK, but it then wants to install shortcuts in a Start Menu Folder that seems to be located in the computer being used to install the software, rather than on the USB.
Once I move the USB to the troublesome computer, will it boot to AOMEI rather than the defective W10?  If not, how do I make it boot to AOMEI?
All suggestions appreciated

PS:  The problem with the damaged W10 seems to be that it is an old version, and has an old copy of Norton on it.  Forums tell me some W10 versions malfunctioned with some versions of Norton.  Whatever, the screen flashes continuously, and it is unusable.
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