What should I do if I install a new disk but my system can't see it?

Recently, i bought a new GPT hard disk and installed it on my PC.However, when i opened my computer, there is the only disk i have before and ican't find the new one. I reinstalled the new disk for several times but istill can't see it on my computer. What's the matter about it?


  • Is there anyone who can help me?

  • Hello Helen,

    Whether you can see the disk under Windows Disk Mangement or Device Management? If it could be recognize, you need firstly partition the disk.

  • Helen,

    If your new disk is partitioned and formatted, you might just need to assign it a drive letter.

    If you have the full version of AOMEI Partition Assistant you can see if the drive here and assign it a drive letter. If not, right click on 'My Computer' on your dekstop and select 'Manage', then when the Computer Managment screen opens, mouse down to Storage and Disk Management double click on 'Disk Management', find the disk that shows as formatted but with no drive letter. Right click on that partition select 'Change Drive Letter'

    Windows will show you a selection of drive letters that you can choose from.


  • Hi Helen,

     We have to go through several steps to confirm your installation.

    1. Physical connection (reconnect cables, make sure they are not loose)

    2. BIOS reconize the HDD

    3. O/S reconize your partition?

    4. Use the Run command enter:  diskmgmt.msc

    5. From here you should be able to see "Disk 0" with your original 1st HDD.

    6. See if you can find another one with your new disk "Disk #" 

    7. From here you can follow YoungChen and bodgy to partition your drive and assign it a letter if needed.

     Please let us know more in detail of your installation process so we may be able to assist you more.

  • What version of Windows are you running?  GPT is only recognized by newer versions of Windows (7 and 8 for sure, possibly Vista).  If you're running XP or older it will not recognize GPT and would instead need an MBR style table.

  • Hello to all,

    After all your suggestions, my problem did solved well. I think there is no problem with physical connection, BIOS or something since I followed YoungCheng and partitioned my new disk and finally I can see it in my computer. I also changed the drive letter as Bodgy said. Plus: my system is WIN7.

    Thanks for you all and you all did a good job!image

  • Will all versions of AOMEI Backupper restore files from older versions of the product?

  • I think so!

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