Complete C: Drive backup to another HDD

I want to copy my whole C: drive to a spare hard disk drive. Then if anything happens to my C: drive I can simply remove, install the copy and reboot. Will AOMEI Backupper do this copy from C: drive to new HDD. Will new HDD then be bootable.


  • The only thing to note, it is possible that some software that uses node locked licences may need to be reactivated as the serial number of the other hard drive will be different.


    You also will need to check your AOMEI schedule (if you used scheduled images as well as cloning). As the cloned copy (if old) won't know whether a schedule has been run or not. It is possible to inadvertently overwrite an image when you didn't want to, the same applies for standard disk imaging.

  • That's correct!

  • I have new to this software but experience with backup with other backup software since Dos 4 before Aomei existed. Any newbie is likely to be confused when a Moderator uses terms "If you use a Disk Clone or a System Image it should be bootable"  as those terms are not in the your own FAQ as this inconsistency is important IMO concerning clarity of terms in your documentation without being led astray.  In you won FAQ menu neither of those terms are not present.  So to be correct use the terms like System backup or Disk backup, in fact as it was stated System backup may not work to reimage a new drive from what I read from you FAQ hope you don't have to ask me where it is stated unlike I have something in return. It is the use of Disk backup which would be a correct answer. Either this reply or your FAQ is incorrect. 

    I am unfamiliar with your brand and only drawn to it by the reviews and IMO it is not as quick as the reviewer states.  The issue I have is more transparent documentation in terms of a decision chart of the processes would be clearer in terms of hierachy.  

    My understanding is that disk backup is more comprehensive follows by system backup and then files backup or cloning which I have not yet read and unsure how cloning which one of the subset is different form disk backup. In my case I only have a basic disk with sys partition and recovery partition from the manufacturer which is common in most systems. 

    My question if this is the right place. I only do a full disk backup in case a disk failure as it is a simply disk and thought that I can restore only the C: drive which has the boot and operation system OS with all the other programs as it was backup. I will not use incremental backup and the reason is pretty obvious. I am not to going to name what other brands does but they are supported by all the top branded system builders. 

    I found restoring certain files with mounting the image drive not as easy or well documented. 

    Much appreciate if someone is able to answer that question. Also would it be possible to restore a disk which is 512b format to the newer 512e format. Also how is cloneing different from a disk backup.  My confusion is that different brands product use similar terms for different function which can be a headache. It is only a hobbie of mine with some programming experience before windows and up to 2005 visual basic level. 

    Thanks if a reply is forthcoming before I purchase an upgrade. Many thanks


  • Using clone, you  get just exactly the same disk or partition;

    using backup, you get image files.You need to restore to get the same files.

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