Drive identification

Some time ago I asked about drive identification, either I did something wrong or didn't retrieve it correctly.
My computer has a "mobile rack" in it which I put in alternate operating systems and also use it for the cloaning backupper drive.
Since the main windows 10 drive may not always show up as "C", i am not comfortable cloaning with out some kind of drive identification like a serial number etc.
Some kind of drive identification would be a welcome addition to your software.
Rich Prim


  • As i investigate more, it does look like the aomei backupper lists the boot drive as the first and source.
    Is this correct, just trying not to overwrite me win 10 drive by accident.

    Rich Prim
  • After reading the instruction manual (when all else fails, read the manual!!)
    Looks like AOMEI backupper will not let you use the windows 10 source drive as a backup, keeping you from over writing the OS drive.
    Good idea since many of use are dumb enough to do just that.
    Rich Prim
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