I have a question about the amount of data stored on my backup disc


I have AOMEI Standard on my HP laptop running Windows 7. I backed up 147 GB to my backup disc but I noticed that only about 125 GB is stored on the disc. Is that normal?

Thank you


  • You mean the size of the backup file is 125GB?
  • Yes, the size of the backup file is 125GB
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    It is compressed. You can explore the image and see that (almost) all the files are present.
    Pagefile.sys (Often many GB) not because it's a non important temp file in a backup.

    See Menu->Settings->tab Compression.
  • Great information JohnnyboyG, thanks!

    I had never heard of Pagefile.sys,

    I just wanted to make sure that I didn't do anything wrong.
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