Cloned partitions from 500 GB HDD to 250GB HDD. Will not boot.

I am trying to clone from an 500 GB drive to a 250 GB drive . I am having problems with it booting afterwards. Any help would be great. I am new at this. 


  • The first things to check.
    1. Was the new drive empty (clean)?
    2. Is (was) the new drive formatted GPT or MBR and is that the same as the original disk?

    Depending on these answers we can proceed from there.
  • Well the drive is clean now. It was formatted MBR the same as the original. 
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    The admin posts this site to download an AOMEI tool to correct boot malfunctions: 
    You could try that.... or... if you have an spare drive, is to make a system backup of the original drive and then do a restore to the new drive. You'll have use a AOMEI boot disk to do this but this usually works.
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