Some improvements or Fixes

Good day,

First you have a great product. It's saved me a few times already :-).

1. A Big thing for me is the Email or logs that get sent or displayed. I have a "Files and Folders" backup which runs everyday for a client. Some of the Files have beyond the 256 Characters limit(Which I will fix) and AOMEI skips the files. The problem for me is that it is not indicated in the logs or the email notification. It says it was "Successful". Lucky I had the AOMEI console\App open and saw the files were skipped. Please add something in the logs\Email to notify us of anything it skips or had an issue with. VERY Important

2. Please add the function to add Multiple folders to "File and Folder Backup". I have dozens of folders which I have to backup sometimes but have to click on each folder separately and then go back to add more. Very time consuming. 

3. When you create any backup task. You cant "Edit backup" unless you run the task first. It does not display in the contextual menu under "Advanced button". What happened to me is I setup a bunch of tasks and needed to change the name of the tasks and could not. I had to delete all of the tasks and recreated them.



  • Thank you very much for your suggestions, good ones I think.
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