Ransomware protection by connecting and disconnecting the backup drive

To protect from ransomware, it seems desirable to make a backup to an external drive and then disconnect the drive from the system.  However, if you have a scheduled backup, you need to remember to attach the drive before the schedule backup and disconnect it afterwards.  I suggest providing an automated reminder from the computer reminding you to connect the drive and then after the backup, reminding you to disconnect.

Of course, even better would be some way of automatically connecting and disconnecting. 


  • Thank you for the suggestion.
  • @huckrorick,

    You should be able to mount/unmount a removable drive using a batch file and you could call the batch file on a regular schedule by using Task Scheduler.  It isn't terribly simple but the trick here is to tell Backupper to use TaskScheduler to schedule the backup instead of using the internal Backupper service.  You would just edit that task to mount your drive, perform the backup, and then unmount the drive when the backup is done.

    I've never done this with Backupper on Windows but I've done something very similar with macOS and Linux.  It should work in theory.
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