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Backupper Network not showing uncontrolled PC

Hi all,
Please can anybody help me?
I had this odd behaviour:
after the installation of the Backupper client on the network PCs, the PCs were visible in Backupper Network/Computers tab and available for control, but after attempting the get the control of the first in the list using username and password, Backupper Network stopped responding and the entire list disappeared and there is no way to get it back.
I tried to uninsitall/reinstall Backupper Network but with no luck, the list is still unavailable.
Any suggestion to solve the problem?
All PCs are are running Windows 10 including the one with Backupper Network.


  • Can you upload a screenshot where the list is unavailable?
  • This is the screen where the pc are not visible.

    Today I installed Backupper on some new pc and they were available, but the previous are not.

  • Please restart Backupper Service on client to see if it works.
  • Hi, I found a workaround: settings / ip segment / enable ip segment management checked: i added the network segment and then the lost PCs reappeared

    I just say that the segment is the same where the PC with ABN is, and it has never been changed since the several AB/ABN installations.

    Thanks for the support,


  • PS: please consider that it's just a temporary solution, eg. I have a laptop that reconnected to the network today after some days off and there is no way to have it listed (even stopping-restarting the service in the client PC).
    The definitive solution, in my opinion, should be the possibility of manually inserting the client IP.
    Maybe it will be possible?

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