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My Dell XPS does not see my cloned drive

I am using windows 10.  I have successfully cloned my Dell XPS hard drive to a WD 2 TB SSD external drive connected via a USB 3 cable.  I verified that it works by successfully booting a Dell Lattitude OS windows 10 from this drive. 

On the Lattitude I was able to select a USB drive naming the WD slim drive etc.  On the XPS the USB drive is not an option.  I simply dont see this drive.  I do the internal hard drive.  I called Dell, they said that this is because the XPS is a consumer device and the Lattitude is not.   I am having a hard time accepting this.  I did look at the boot sequence and I dont see USB as an option.


  • Please connect the cloned drive internally.
  • Can you advise as to how to connect the drive internally.  I have not opened this laptop yet.  Thanks
  • The goal would be to copy the cloned drive back onto the machine.  How would this be done if connected internally?
  • Why do you need to copy the cloned drive back onto the machine? You could replace your current drive with the cloned one directly.
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