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Non-boot disc

I attempted to clone my Windows 7 Professional drive with the Pro version, which I purchased just now for this purpose.   I did the clone and it said it was successful however when I swap the drives the system won't boot. It reports a that no bootable drives are found.   What good is a  drive clone if the clone isn't bootable and identical to the source?   As this was my first experience with AOMEI I'm feeling pretty frustrated at the moment.  I feel like I was just ripped off.

Also the program display isn't the same size as my monitor. There's no way to scroll yet it clearly runs off the bottom of the screen.  There's no resize tab, or anything.  Indeed the only way to even close the program is to click it's Icon in the system bar and tell it to close the window.

I need to have this system up in time for an employee to use it Monday morning at 8 and right now I'm doubting it's going to happen.  


  • The log file says it was successful- but of course it's non-bootable so really, not so much.
  • Question: Did you clone from within the running OS or with bootable media? I once read that it should be done from within the running OS. I was surprised too.
    Another option is to backup the disk to an image and restore to the new one. You need a backup disk for this method.
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