UI Improvement Request


My suggestions requests:
  •  Maximised windows size for the UI so I am able to see more of my backups on one screen rather than scrolling through so many pages
  • The OS disk should not show up unless an option in selected in the disk list for restore operations
  • Perhaps make the backups show in a list rather than the tiles view we have now?
  • Could we also please get a sort by backup name option?
  • File naming convention for backups could be improved.  The first backup should have -full added, incremental files should have something like -inc1, -inc2 etc. Or the Full backup and incremental backups are store in one file, not over several different file names.
  • Being able to start multiple restore operations or backup operations while others are already running. I have 8 drive slots on the system. It would be great to be able to run several jobs together, or to set up a list of jobs to complete in a list that will process one at a time automatically.
Thanks for your consideration.


  • Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider them.
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