Problems with Migrate OS to ssd

I watched a youtube video showing how to use the migrate OS to ssd and then did it and on my third attempt it worked. However I'm now stuck whenever I go into my BIOS and set the ssd as the main boot drive it loads past window then I get the same dark grey screen with my courser, I've waited to see if it would finally boot up but never did. After waiting a few times with this I then thought that maybe it didn't work. But I went into the AOMEI software it showed my ssd, but oddly enough it won't show up in my windows storage settings, that storage space was taken from my new ssd. I then tried booting up and tried to have windows diagnose the problem to see if it couldn't be fixed that way and have had no luck.  I don't know what my next step would be. I should also mention that when I boot with my hdd that I had before it works fine. 


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