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Backupper Network select storage only allows network shares?

I've been looking for a replacement for CrashPlan Home's system to system backup and I found out about Backupper. Then looking at your site I saw the announcement for the new (at least it seems new) network version so I installed it. 

As I'm setting up a test backup of my laptop to the network I'm a bit confused. My backup server has multiple hard drives attached to it that I use for various backups. When I'm creating a task to backup my laptop, on step 3 the only option for adding storage is a share or NAS and it wants me to put in a UNC path. Why can't I put in a local drive path? Is it asking for the path from the perspective of the client? I guess that would make sense but if that's the case it's not at all clear. The network backup server I installed Backupper Network on doesn't share those drives because I don't want it exposed if one of my users installs malware on a computer. 

Can you clearly up my misunderstanding? I want to have Backupper Network store the backups on a local partition, not on my NAS or on a network share.

Also, does it only do drive or partition level backups? I'd rather do folder level backups. Other than that I think this would be a great solution in my small office.


  • Yes, currently can only backup to share/NAS. The folder level backup will be available in the next version.
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