Disk Backup & Restore Bug

When using Backupper Disc Backup to restore a complete WIN10 installation image, I have found that Backupper erroneously assigns the 'C' label to the System partition (which WIN10 uses to boot the system) and thus the main WIN10 partition is labelled "D'. The System partition should actually be unlabeled and thus hidden, leaving the 'C' label to be correctly assigned to the WIN10 partition. I can fix this by using Backupper's partition wizard (on the PE boot disk) to 'unlabel' the System partition. However, Backupper's partition wizard will not then allow me to re-label the 'D' partition to 'C' (this option is grayed out on the drop down menu). I can in turn fix this by running Diskpart from a command prompt and using Diskpart's commands to select the WIN10 partition and assign letter 'C'. All a bit of a hassle before re-booting the restored HD!  I understand this has been a long-standing bug in Backupper, so I was disappointed when the latest update (to version 4.1.0) did not fix it. Can Backupper Admin say when it will be fixed?


  • The restored disk cannot boot until you re-label the partition?
  • Note I unlabeled the System partition (which was incorrectly labeled by Backupper as 'C' ) and then relabeled the WIN10 partition from 'D' to 'C'. Only then would the restored disk boot.
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