Backup, what type?


I am a new user, I would like to be able to make an image or clone of my C: in case of a crash because my ssd disk is not very young and gives signs of weakness. What does it need to do as a backup?

I am running Windows 10 Pro UEFI / GPT / NTFS

Thank you for your advise. 


  • Aomei Backupper Free. 
    External (USB) disk with enough space
    Do a Disk backup in Aomei to the External disk.
    For restore purposes, create Bootable media in the Utilities menu (WinPE UEFI version). 

  • This is exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you @JohnnyboyGo !
  • Dear Sir
                     I have proliant  DL60 Gen -9 HP server we want use your Server Edition on this server.
    will this version  support on this or not.Acctuly we have made one hyper -v vm on this machine using winodows 2012 std.. server .
    we want take backup for digaster recovery of this  system.
    please guide us for the same one and also tell me disscounted price of your software.
    we are from Delhi( INDIA).
  • @prashant Please check your email.
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