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Backupper Scheduler Service startup delay

This service, which is installed by the AB installation program, causes an annoying delay between when I first turn on my PC and when internet access becomes available. I have fixed the problem for now by changing the startup mode of the service from "Automatic" to "Automatic Delayed".

Please consider fixing this in future versions.

Thank You


  • Hi djere,

    I am sorry for my late and sorry for the problem brought you, I have recorded your problem and will report to our development team. we will keep making effort to optimize this product. Thank you for supporting our Backpper.

    If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,

    Aomei Support Team

  • OH MY GOD. I have spent 2 days with reinstalls and using complicated diagnostic tools to pinpoint why my PC was doing this 30sec+ delay after desktop appears in windows 7, and uintill I can actually use my PC. I should have gone directly to Clean Boot procredure for faster diagnostics, but I also pinpointed the problem to Backupper Scheduler.

    This was a major pain in the a**. I can see this post is back from august and has not yet been resolved, How hard can it be to set your service to automatic delay or as manual(?).

    It's one of those INCREDIBLE frustrating things that can make you go NUTS, cause the problem is almost impossible to figure out. Normal windows diagnostic tools can not see a problem because the actual boot time looks fine. It's AFTER windows has fully booted up, that backupper takes over my PC and locks it down doing whatever it is doing. I don't have any scheduled backup either.

    Apart from that I am a HUGE fan of your software, I think it works brilliantly. Very fast, easy. I highly recommend it to all my friends and relatives as it is the easiest way to backup your PC within minutes. So this is why I am so 'upset' in my post, I want you to improve and make the best software you can make with minimal frustration to your users. It's things like this that can be dealbreakers. This and bloatware :)

  • ParadokS,

    We will fix this problem in the next version. As you have figured it out, this problem is caused by Backupper Scheduler. If you have set scheduled backup tasks, after you login your windows, it will run immediately. So it will take some time to run the tasks. We will set Backupper to atutomatic delay in the nex version. Sorry again for the inconvenience brought you all.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply and hopefully just as fast resolve. I am wondering something though. I do NOT have any scheduled tasks for backups, so why is this running at all?

    I suspect most people will simply use this program to do a 1-time system backup once in a while, and not use the scheduled task manager. So maybe not use this service AT ALL, untill the backupper scheduler is  even used/enabled.

    By default it should be "manual" in services so it does not start up at all.

    If you choose to use scheduler in the program, software would turn this service to automatic-delayed.

  • ParadokS,

    Manual for the service is a good idea.

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