Differences among System, Disk and Partition backups?

I guess three of them are all disk backups. The differences are:

System Backup can backup a phisical/logical disk where OS is located. The backup result contains GPT/MBR information.

Disk Backup can backup a phisical disk which may contains more than one partition/volume. Also, the result can contain GPT/MBR information.

Partition Backup can backup one or multiple partitions (logical disks).


I am not sure if my guesses are true? And if Partition Backup result includes GPT/MBR information?


  • I have a similar question.  I have created a system backup of a windows 8.1 laptop, when I take an identical laptop I hoped that the restore would build both partitions (system reserve and windows 8), but it does not.  I would rather not rebuild the partitions before I restore the image.  It gets complicated and I wanted to use your tool restore an image on a laptop that shipped with windows 7, but I want the windows 8 image.

    Thanks for any help!

  • I have created a system backup of a windows 8 laptop and followed the instructions to restore the backup to an identical laptop, I receive the following error.  The selected destition is too small (298.09 GB unallocated vs 298.73 GB required).  I have used diskpart to delete the existing partitions.  Please help!  I need to find a solution to roll out a single image to identitical laptops.


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