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Information Code: 220

I downloaded and installed Backerupper, and opened it and selected the clone partition, and working great and then it came up with Information Code:220, and stated "The feature on the NTFS can not be supported by the program yet"Can someone explain to me what the issue is? Thank you in advance! image


  • You could use the chkdsk.exe command in CMD to check the partition that need to be cloned. If found errors, fix it with chkdsk.exe /f and try cloning again.

    Or, as for the partition, you can use the "Sector by sector" way to clone it. For more info, at: 




  • Before I waste another 6-7 hours doing this, can someone please explain what that Information Code means?  



  • Error Code: 220


    Error description:

    The feature on the NTFS can not be supported by the program yet.

    The metadata of NTFS partition contains the feature which cannot be supported by Partition Assistant will lead to the failure of Resize/Move Partition or Copy Partition.



    You may create a new NTFS partition of the proper size and duplicate the files from the partition to be resized/moved to the new partition or try other tools to resolve this issue.

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