Differential backups

I have AOMEI Backupper Standard Free edition. Icreated the initial System backup (SB) and I have Differential backups (DBs) scheduledto run and verified every Friday at 6pm. These Differential images are backedup to a second internal hard drive and then I copy these images to an external500GB hard drive via USB3.0 connection so I have two copies. I believe that torestore everything only the SB and the latest DB are required, unlike Incrementalbackups (IBs) which require all images to be used. I therefore keep theoriginal SB and manually delete all but the last two DBs. I believe thatmanually deleting previous IBs causes damage to the version chain causing the IBsto become invalid. My question is am I correct in that manually deleting previousDBs (not IBs) will not damage any version chain causing the DBs to become invalidand that I can be sure that the restore will work when needed?



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    I think you are correct. But you can easily test this yourself. Try to Explore your last DB through the Utilities menu. If you can see the partitions in the backup image, there is no error, then you can restore too.

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