Windows 10 cant be installed - unsupported disk layout for UEFI firmware

Hi all, hoping for some tips here. I've been using Win10 Home for ages, then suddenly it wont do windows updates anymore, i get the error in the title. It would seem that the pc is now trying to boot UEFI but the C: drive is MBR not GPT. From what i could find out so far, it also appears I have 2 options: 1. somehow switch off UEFI boot mode, back to Legacy, or 2. reformat the drive to GPT. 

Windows version is 1511 currently, i can use MBR2GPT apparently but it seems quite complex, then i thought maybe AOMEI might do it. You see, i'm trying to avoid wiping the disk and setting it all up again. Can anyone give me exact steps on how to solve this ?


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