Aomei can see the backup files, but will not access them

edited February 24 in AOMEI Products Support

I have several backup images with Aomei.  When I use the program in the opening window with "all backups" working it shows 7 pages of backups, 4 per page.  If I select for example to: Locate Image under the "advanced tab" it can only find 2 of the image files!  The image files are present in hard drives inside the computer.  Why do I get the "file does not exist or cannot be accessed" error message for all these backup images?

I am using Windows 7 pro 64 bit.



  • Probably the drive letters have changed since the backup is made. No problem, you can delete these tasks, because they are useless if the image cannot be found. You can add them again with the bent arrow next to "All backups" or by exploring them in the Utilities menu chosing Path to point to the image file.

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