AOMEI Partition Assistant - Lost File?

Hey I wanted to convert my GPT HDD to an MBR HDD (just to test it).

And I received this error "The file (2Gpt_BCD or 2Mbr_BCD) may be lost, we suggest you to reinstall AOMEI software and try again.

This error comes from a live CD mounted on my USB-Stick.



  • Hi TasteMyRage


     Thanks for your reporting. We suggest you to do defragment and chkdsk before your conversion operation and try again converting. If the issue persists, please get back to us.:)



    AOMEI Support Team

  • Hey Kam.
    I've done chkdsk and defrag but nothing worked for me. So there is the same error message. Does this work with live CD?

  • Hello TasteMyRage,

    As for your problem, could you please check if there are the two files "2Gpt_BCD" "2Mbr_BCD" in the installation directory of this program. If they are not here, we can directly send you the two file and then you put them to the installation  directory. We are sorry, we are unable to upload the file to this place. 

    Best Regards,


  • Hey Kim!
    There are both files in C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition 5.5

    But they're not working with my live CD / USB-Stick!


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    Hello,if so, I am afraid you have to recreate the bootable disc, if the result is the same. You can create the bootable disc on another computer and then retry. We are sorry for the inconvenience, I have reported this problem to our development department for their analyzing.

  • Hi there - is there an update on this thread? I too am having the same issue with the bootable media of Parition Assistant Pro telling me that both files are lost. I can see that they are in the installation directory. I have built the bootable media off CD and USB and have the same error. I really hope this can be fixed soon as I need Partition Assistant to convert a GPT disk to MBR and until that happens I cannot access my data on that drive. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the problem, please post us the log file under the directory of partition assistant installation folder.

  • Please i have same problem there any update on it please??
  • @Rockybass ; Please run Partition Assistant in Windows first and then use the CD/USB stick.
  • I think its safe to say everyone above is still having this issue.   Install to windows computer, create flash drive, plug into computer and boot to the flash drive and when trying to convert GPT to MBR says files are missing.    Is there an update to fix this or a known issue, this was reported in Version 5 that I'm seeing online and this is version 7!  
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