Unexpected Results While Creating Bootable CD

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While creating a bootable CD, the process froze at 99% complete. However the CD Writer door opened (suggesting the job was complete). The files on the CD  are as shown in the below picture.I tested the CD and it booted up just fine.

My selections for the CD were: WindowsPE, Legacy disk, Burn to CD Disk.

Do I really have a good Bootable Disk?

What's going on with the freezing at 99%?

What's going on with the desktop.ini that is waiting to be burned?

Also, after I booted up with it, it appears the only way to shut down my computer is by holding the power switch down. Is that correct? Is that really a good idea (I was always taught that bad things can happen when shutting down that way)?




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    Get in line. You're about the millionth person with this problem. (A slight exaggeration).

    This seems to be a common problem that Aomei is aware of but have failed to fix in the year I've been here.

    As long as the disk boots into the Aomei program in the pre windows environment, you should be okay. I've created several disks for friends that have done this and they function fine. Shutting down your PC with the power button from that environment shouldn't bother anything. Neither Windows nor any programs were loaded that would be corrupted. Read this article: Power Button to Shutdown PC I've found that after using Aomei in this environment, it will usually shutdown (actually restart) on it's own when the operation is finished and/or you try to close it.

  • Hey Flyer - Thanks for the reply! Guess I'm good to go!

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