Newbe - Backupper Setup Questions

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Just installed Backupper. Thanks to all of the documentation, it went very smooth, but have a few questions:

1, When I set time for Schedule, I see what appears to be a 12 hour clock (12:00am to Noon). I would like my backup to occur in the late afternoon. How do I set the clock for like 5:00PM?

2. When I set up email notification, I selected my GMail account, and sent a Test EMail. I got a message from Google saying,   "Google just blocked someone from signing into your Google Account from this app that may put your account at risk - Less Secure App. Some apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which makes your account more vulnerable." It allowed me to override the block by changing my security settings, but warned me that my Google Account is no longer protected by modern security standards. Does this mean I must be at risk in order to use this very neat netification feature?

3. I did my 1st System Backup, then edited a test document and then did an Incramental Backup. When I mounted the Incramental to check the test document, I saw the current level, but not the previous level. I expected to see both. Do I have to look through older backups in the same batch to find older leverls?


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    I got the answer to Question 1 above. Please excuse my DUH question.

  • 2. You could try other options, like the Hotmail Server, AOMEI Server and so on.

    3. Please mount your first full backup to find older level.

  • I have the Standard (Free) edition. It appears it does not support other options for email notifications.

  • Hotmail Server is available.

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