AOMEI showing as Junk Temp file?

edited February 11 in AOMEI Products Support


I've created AOMEI backups on my Desktop (running Win7) and laptop (running Win8.1)

For a long time, I've used 'CCleaner' & 'Advanced System Care' software to keep my systems clean and running smoothly.

However, I've noticed on my laptop only that both pieces of software are showing the following as 'Junk Temporary File':

                               C: drive > App Data > Local > Temp > AomeiDateBackUpper...

If removed, it re-appears next time round. I usually don't 'Show Hidden Files' unless I need to as above with 'App Data'.

I'm curious why this temp file only shows in Win 8.1 on my laptop, but not on Win7, each system using the same software.

So: can anyone tell me if this happens with their systems and if this is 'normal' and therefore to be ignored?

Or is something else going on in Win 8.1, but not Win7?

Perhaps others use the same software as me?


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