Setting IP won't work

Hello on some PC's the button "Set IP" won't work and I recive an error message "Network adapter not found" I've read that I can add some ethernet drivers but I don't like that option, is there a way to get a universal network driver for AOMEI?



  • And at this point there is a mistake wenn you want to add a share or NAS device!

    Unter "Share or NAS path:" at the example I think there sould stand "Folder" and not "Floder" ;)

  • If you don't like to add a driver for your adapter you can't use it, it's as simple as that.


  • Hey Pit, thank you for your response!

    So we've tryed a little bit and over the network here, the installation is to slow.

    We gonna install over external HDD with usb 3.0.


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