PE Builder Desktop/System Font

Is there a way to specify/change the default system/desktop font?

The PE desktop font is in italics which looks ugly!!!

Please, how can I change this?





  • Haven't tried it but you could try and change the Language txt to add the font you would like to see....

    First you have to take "ownership" of the file.

    Found here--

    C:\Program Files\AOMEI backupper\lang

    Pick the language and add the FontName=you want...then save.

  • Thanks for the reply, but I'm trying to set the font for the whole PE environment. Once you boot into the PE environment, ALL the text is in italics.

    Even in the online help page, you can see a desktop screen shot and the font is italics.

    Scroll down until after step #8.

    I'm hoping it isn't too complicated to set the system font. May have to do a '/mount' to modify the boot.wim file... image

  • Sorry, cannot change system font.

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