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  • I have created an ISO using PE Builder 2.0. I then used this ISO with PXE Boot to boot several different types of PC's using legacy boot. This all worked OK. I then switched two of them to UEFI boot, and tried again. This time the PXE client on the PC's could not find a PXE server. However they did when the PC's were set to legacy boot. I have turned off the firewall on the server PC but this has had no effect. Any suggestions as to what may be going wrong?

  • Are you using AOMEI PXE Boot Tool?

  • Yep - the latest PXE boot tool.

  • AOMEI PXE Boot Tool doesn't support UEFI boot mode at present.

  • OK. Thanks for letting me know. It seems UEFI PXE boot is a bit more complicated than legacy.

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