Disk does not show on clone disk

Hi I am attempting to upgrade my hard drive from a 500gig to a 1tb, I figured i would just plunk the new drive in a portable to clone and format and what not and leave the boot one in the laptop to start but whne i fire up the program and go to clone then to disk clone only the new disk shows up.

When i look in the windows disk management i can see both disks there but the onboard hard drive is all marked as simple volume where as the new drive is marked as Primary partition.


can soem one please tell me what i have done wrong :-/  has been a frustrating couple of days.




  • Hi Troggolodite,

     Sorry for the late reply. As for your issue, we wonder if you were losing your internal disk showing or external? Was your system running properly? And could you provide some screenshots?



    AOMEI Support Team

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