Command Line script?

Is there a way to run a script after restoring an image in the preboot enviroment of AOMEI?


  • preboot enviroment of AOMEI  —You mean Backupper WinPE?

  • No just using Backupper boot disk

    for UEFI

  • That is WinPE.

  • Ok great...thank your for correcting can someone answer the question?

  • edited January 2018

    Don't you have the Command Shell in the Utilities menu? Doesn't it run batch files?


    Here is my issue...again...with restoring UEFI images. (these are not my images but still show the problem that I see most users are having.)

    When restoring a "system image", if I see a screen like this...GREAT! Then there is no problem when rebooting.


    Now when restoring a "system image", if I seen a screen like this...Huge problem...


    I do not want to restore 2 or 3 partitions into 1, creating more partitions. This is not excetable as we are constantly reimaging systems over and over.

    My solution is to select "NO" when doing a "system restore" and only selecting the "C" (OS) partition and the destination to the "C" partition...image

    Upon rebooting the BootMGR becomes corrupted and confused as to which OS it is trying to boot and fails to repair itself.

    Therefore I have to reboot again using AOMEI and using the following Command Line Utility to fix this.


    List disk

    select disk 0 (Where ever your O/S is located)

    list volume

    select volume 3 (Where ever your "fat32" partition is)

    assign letter=L (Or whatever letter is not being used)


    BCDboot C:\windows /s L: /f UEFI

    shutdown /r

    I would like to have a script that would run these commands (with user input for selecting disk and volume)

    Or best case scenario the developers could some how find a solution to this recurring problem.

  • Well, this is a bug. We will try to fix it.

  • I don't know if its a bug, but it happens everytime I do an upgrade of Windows 10 versions or an upgrade to Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    It seems the partition layout changes and then the restore feature does not reconize the same partition table, therefore the error.

    I either have to do the steps above or do a "Wipe and Restore"

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