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Restore through path selection not working (image file does not exists)

Hello, I am using AOME

I Backupper 4.0.6 on WIN 10 home 64bit.

I cannot restore a file backup created with AOEMI Backupper 4.0.4. The .afi files are located on an external USB drive.

From the "Restore" tab, I click on the "Path" button & select the 1st file of the backup from the USB drive.
then click "Open" & I can see the backup in the backup List. But when I select it & click on "next" I get an information box saying: "unable to get the backup information because the image file does not exists, or it cannot be accessed.
If the backup task has never been run, you need to execute the backup task firstly." See also attached image (screenshot).

I really need to restore this backup please help. Thank you




  • I don't know, it should work:

    Can a file be missing? Can you select the first in the list (the full backup) and if that works, the second etc. until you get the errror.

    Or: is it possible to copy the afi file(s) to an internal disk and try pointing to that copy in path?

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    Thank you JohnnyBoyGo,

    Yes 2 files are missing (see image) but I don't think that's the reason since Backupper should work with a single .afi file at a time showing/restoring the original files belonging to that .afi file only.


    I also tried copying all the .afi files on my hard drive & pointing to them with no success (same information box).

    Any ideas or workaround to open the .afi files somehow?

    Thank you

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    I miss # 1 and #2, there is also a time gap between 0 and 4. I guess your drive is formatted as Fat32 thereby making chunks of 4GB, the max of Fat32. In NTFS it would really be one afi file of 73GB. This set is useless without #1 and #2. It's like a chain with two missing links. Then it isn't a chain anymore.

  • right the missing files are My File Backup(3)1.afi and My File Backup(3)2.afi

    yes the drive is FAT32.

    So as far as I understood I cannot restore my backup without the two files above?

  • I'm afraid so.

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