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Deleting Unnecessary Files on Backup Disk

I’m new to AOMEI and have two questions:


1.  I have a Seagate 2 terabyte external backup hard drive.  In the past I’ve used both Windows10 backup and Seagate Dashboard backup. I’ve decided to use AOMEI Backupper exclusively because of its ease of use and ability to create a full system image. My backup drive is ¾ full.  I want to delete subdirectories that are no longer used.  My understanding is that the Backupper files and system image are stored in subdirectory “System Backup(1).”  Would it be safe to delete all the other subdirectories on my backup drive?  The other subdirectories are named “FileHistory,” “OFFICEPC,” “Seagate Dashboard 2.0,” “Start-Here-Mac.app,” and “WindowsImageBackup.”


2.  The hard disk on my PC seems to be on its last legs, so I plan to purchase a new computer and transfer all my files and programs to it.  Will the free version of AOMEI Backupper allow me to accomplish this by importing the full system image onto the hard drive of my new computer or will I have to purchase AOMEI Backupper Professional to do this?  It is important that my existing programs in addition to my files get imported onto the new computer.


Thanks very much for your help.



  • 1The other subdirectories are named “FileHistory,” “OFFICEPC,” “Seagate Dashboard 2.0,” “Start-Here-Mac.app,” and “WindowsImageBackup.”

    Don't know about if OfficePC and Start-Here-Mac are important to you. The other 3 seem to be backups and if you are sure you don't need those old backups from other program, be free to delete them

    2. Doesn't then new PC have Windows already installed? If you want to use that one, you probably must reinstall some programs and some you may restore from the backup. You can allways restore data files, but don't overwrite Windows files with different versions...

    I guess the old PC is BIOS and the new is UEFI? In that case you must change the UEFI settings of the new PC to legacy mode for a full restore of the old PC to work. I don't know if you get license problems with Windows since this  is bound to a certain motherboard.

    You can also buy only a SSD for you old PC and restore on that one. Cheaper and much faster and no license problems.

    In any case, this can all be done with the free version

  • Thanks much for your help.

    Just to clarify my question No. 2.  I have not yet purchased a replacement PC.  The new PC will have Windows 10 as does my current PC.  One technician I spoke to said that it would aid the importing of the full system image onto the hard drive if the new computer were the same brand as my current one.  Does that make sense?

    The reason I want to be sure to be able to transfer programs to the new PC is that these programs (for example Micrsoft Word) came installed on the hard drive of a computer I purchased about 9 years ago.  So the programs are legal and I have no need to upgrade them.  Five year ago I had no problem transferring programs to my current PC using the utility program included with Windows.  As for BIOS vs. UEFI, that's way too technical for me.  Should I attempt to get this program transfer question straightened out with the vendor of my new PC before I buy it?

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