What steps are required to make a cloned drive the bootable drive

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Hi Guys,

I have just downloaded the trail version of AOMEI Backupper Server. I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 server which has a full boot disk (95%) and want to replace the drive with a new larger volume.

I have used the clone tool and cloned my boot disk and this has worked perfectly but I am not sure what steps are required to make the new volume the bootable disk. Could someone with greater knowledge than I elaborate on the required tasks for this part of the process.

I don't want to just try renaming drives using Disk Management in case I make a boo boo. I was sensible and took a complete backup image of the boot disk prior to runnning the clone tool so I can always restore my boot disk if something goes wrong but would prefer it if I had a clear set of instructions.

Below is a screen shot of Disk Management:


Essentially I want to remove Disk 0 and replace it with Disk 3

My thoughts on the tasks to swap the drives are as follows:

1). Remove the original Operating System drive (C:)

2). In the BIOS set the new disk as the bootable drive and launch the machine.

3). In Disk Management rename the new Drive to C:

Please correct me if im wrong and feel free to add any tasks that I might have missed.




  • Well I got bored waiting for an answer so I just went ahead and edited the boot priority settings for the new drive after physically removing the old one.

    Perfect. I now have room on my drive to install new applications and the speed has improved no end as its doesn't have to do any paging when moving/updating  large files.

    Thanks AOMEI for a great application. Very easy to use and understand.

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  • Sorry for the delay, we are glad to hear that you solved your problem.

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