Win PE Boot Disk Creation Problem.

I am  running a laptop with Windows XP sp3. I have Windows ADK/AIK installed.

When I try to create aWindows PE bootable disk I get this message when I try to burn the bootable disk.

Must have a NTFS partition in your system, and have enough free space.

Process failed.

Note: when failed to create a bootable USB drive or disc directly, you could see FAQ to solve the problem.

My disk is formatted as FAT32.

Does this mean you can only create a Windows PE bootable disk if you have a NTFS formated hard drive & am I stuck with a Linux boot disk?

Cannot find anything about this in the FAQ.


  • Hello buseng,

    This error means that if your system disk only has a fat32 partition, you will get this error. So you may shrink your system partition a little and then create a NTFS partition. Or you could create the bootable media on another computer, then the bootable media you created can be used on this XP.

    Best Regards,


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