How to migrate windows 7 mbr to win 10 as second OS

How to transfer a disk 1 MBR with sections where the first and boot win XP

1. Win XP + 2. Win 7


to Drive 2 GPT


2. 3xHiddens sections + Windows 10 (Notebook)


while retaining the hidden partitions and the license.

Desired result:

1. Win 10 + 2. Win 7 + 3. Win XP

Minimal result:
1. Win 10 + 2. Win 7


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    You cannot boot Win7 or XP from GPT. GPT means UEFI system and Win7 rarely (I never succeeded) and XP never boots in UEFI.

    You can however boot al systems in BIOS mode on a MBR disk. But I don't know how to add XP to 7 or 10. I know you can install 7 or 10 after XP but I don't think you can in the opposite order. (maybe with EasyBCD).

    If I were you, forget XP, it is deprecated since 4 years now.

    So in my opinion: You cannot achieve this by transferring. You need to install 10 from installations disks:

    Switch to BIOS mode

    Clean the disk making it MBR

    Install or transfer/clone/backup+restore bootable MBR Win7 to C:

    Install Win10 with the installation media to D:  A boot menu is made automatically.

    Switch fast boot off in Windows 10

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