Disk Backup - really unexpected behaviour



  • I wonder about the 1000/65=16 seconds. But it took much, much longer. What is he doing the rest of the time? Is it hanging on a certain percentage? The percentages may give a clue of the process it is doing a that moment.

  • As far as the "unsuccessful = slow" iterations are concerned, I don't think he was hanging on a certain percentage.


    I just finished a new run of backup jobs in Win10-mode (not in WinPE). And both disks, were extremely fast on the incremental. (As would be expected, because of the raw speed power of the nvme, and the still fast speed of the EVO SSD).

    So, right now everything works as planned for me in Windows 10. WinPE I have not tested yet.

    Right now, I can think of a possible cause.. Will give it a try and get back to you soon           

  • My attempts to re-produce the slowness were not successful, everything just works now in Win10. No errors, Incremental is way faster than full. I absolutely have no clue why.

    I will hit WinPE in next runs.

  • So, back I am :)

    What did I do :

    - created a new WinPE environment using PE Builder 2.0

    - booted into the WinPE ENV

    Now the fun begins:

    - I was not able to perform an incremental backup on my second disk.

    "The specified volume 0 hasn't been found or has been changed".

    "The specified volume 1(E:) hasn't been found or has been changed."

    "Information Code: 4123"

    "All partitions that need to be backed up have not been found."

    - I was able to perform an incremental backup on my main disk.

    So I fired up Window Console and hit diskpart

    I then re-assigned all drive letters to the letters I use in my regular Windows 10 installation.

    I tried to create a incremental backup on the second disk again.

    It failed with the exact same error message.

    So I guess, I somehow need to change the volume ordering for it to resemble the one I use on regular Win 10 because obviously, assigning the same letters is not enough (disk backup, not partition backup) but I have no idea how to manage this.

    Any idea how to proceed? Thank you!

  • You could perform a full backup + incremental backup in WinPE.

  • Hallo my friend,

    I can do that for a test run, no problem.

    But how do I restore my regular Win10 made backups if the volumes are different? This will result in a state where I cannot restore them, am I right?

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    You can import any adi file through "path" in WinPE restore (or in the normal Aomei) , it automatically connects and remaps the drive letters. Mind this is only temporary. When actually booted from the restored disk, the drive letters are back to normal.


  • back again :) :)

    Here are the complete stats.

    Percentage means progress in selected backup mode.

    Windows 10

    Main Disk - Full - 30 % : 250 MB/s.

    Main Disk - Full - 50 % : 200 MB/s

    Main Disk - Incremental - 30 % : 561 MB/s

    Main Disk - Incremental - 50 % : 570 MB/s

    Data Disk - Full - 30 % : 96 MB/s

    Data Disk - Full - 50 % : 95 MB/s

    Data Disk - Incremental - 30 % :403 MB/s

    Data Disk - Incremental - 50 % : 397 MB/s

    => Speed in Win 10 is good.

    => Incremental is substantially faster than full, as expected.

    => The behaviour were incremental equals full backup speed cannot be reproduced any more. Cause: absolutely unclear, see my previous posts. Even no windows updates were installed.

    WinPE built with AOMEI PE Builder 2.0

    Main Disk - Full - 30 % : 150 MB/s.

    Main Disk - Full - 50 % : 156 MB/s

    Main Disk - Incremental - 30 % : 154 MB/s

    Main Disk - Incremental - 50 % : 159 MB/s

    Data Disk - Full - 30 % : 86 MB/s

    Data Disk - Full - 50 % : 84 MB/s

    Data Disk - Incremental - 30 % : 156 MB/s

    Data Disk - Incremental - 50 % : 155 MB/s

    => WinPE is substantially slower than Win10.

    => On main disk, incremental is as slow as full backup. No speed advantage whatsoever.

    => Incremental backup speed is faster than full backup speed, as expected on data disk.

    => As mentioned above, WinPE is way slower than Win 10 regular mode.

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