Creating a bootable CD/DVD - problem

I'm running Windowd 8.1, 64-bit on a Lenovo laptop.

Using brand-new Verbatim discs, I've tried TWICE to create a bootable CD for Win PE.

On both occasions, the process reached 99%, then stopped.

My DVD-RW drive also locked up both times.

As a newcomer to AOMEI, I'm disappointed in this and would appreciate if someone from AOMEI would tell me why this has happened or indeed that it's a 'known issue' with the software.

I'm sure AOMEI appreciate that if anyone new to their software experience this, they might just decide to ditch AOMEI for good and never use any of their software again...

So AOMEI support: if you're reading this, I'd welcome your thoughts on the matter...


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    It is not Aomei that burns the CD/DVD. Control is handed over to the Windows burning software. So there might be a problem with this Windows utility. Contact MS.

    And even so, the CD/DVD does boot, does work, anyway as many people, among forum member Flyer, report. Have you tried????

    If you want a flawless operating system maybe you shouldn't use Windows.

  • Hi Johnny, thanks for the input

    I'm no great fan of Windows and for sure, it's not flawless.

    'Contact MS', you suggest...are you serious?...LOL

    They should be the greatest computer firm in the world by now but clearly are not.

    So I reckon even if you do get a relevant reply from that complacent firm, it'll either be gobbledegook or their 'suggestion' will never work.

    This 'boot CD' problem seems to have been happening to many people. AOMEI must by now realise it as a 'known issue'

    If AOMEI are confident it's not their software causing this problem then all they have to do is ditch the CD/DVD route on the software and advise using 'Export to ISO'.

    I've now done that myself without any problem arising.

    Failing that, Amoei should tell folk of the known issue before they burn.

    Simple and honest...creates trust in the company and for added measure, the rest of their software..


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