Backup with NAS outside home network

edited January 2018 in AOMEI Products Support

Hello, i try to configure AOMMEI Backupper to use a NAS. With the internal IP from the NAS ( WD MIrror2) it works, but how do i need to configure for external use? External IP? Port Forwarting? 


  • I don't think you can. Maybe use a VPN

  • And how to configure?

  • I'm not an expert on VPN.

    I just tested a VPN between two laptops at home connected to different LAN's, setting up a VPN via the internet using Teamviewer.

    Aomei backup worked. But I cancelled it because it is terribly slow. Hours and hours for a few GB that locally would cost one minute.

    So I think its much faster to make a backup image locally and when finished copy the *.adi file(s) to a pc connected through the internet. With Teamviewer p.e. Or through FPT, Google Drive or something

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