Restoring image to new computer - I do not need the OS just all applications

The original image was made with the free version. Can I restore just the files that contain the user applications such as MS Office? If not I expect to be able to connect to and read the hdd from the old computer using Aomei on the new computer. That may allow me to do a new system image or other backup process to get my apps onto the new computer. Any help is appreciated. (i did read that maybe i need a non-free version to do what I want?)


  • No, cannot restore just applications.

  • You can explore the backup image on the new computer. See utilities menu in Aomei. You can browse through the files in the backup. Copy files you need. Some simple programs may start, some complicated programs that need files across the disk and info from the registry will probably not. You'll need to reinstall those. Just try,

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