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  • I am trying to use AOEMI Backupper to create a bootable hard drive by cloning a bootable hard drive.  I have an internal 40 GB IDE HDD that I want to clone to another internal 40 GB IDE HDD so that the second drive is bootable (like the first drive is).  I have the source and target hard drives connected via external enclosures to a PC running Windows 7 and Backupper Standard 4.0.6.  (This is not the PC where the source HDD is normally installed.  I am only using this other PC in order to perform the clone operation.)  In Backupper I have used the Disk Clone function in the Clone tab.

    Backupper completes the clone operation successfully.  The target drive mounts in Windows and I can see all the files that were cloned from the source drive.  However, when I install the target drive in the original PC, that PC will not boot.  On screen I see a message that says "Insert a system disk and press any key" (or something like that).

    On my first clone attempt, I did not choose the Sector by Sector option in the Disk Clone.  I made a second clone attempt and I did choose the Sector by Sector option.  Backupper also completed my second clone attempt successfully.  Unfortunately, the second clone attempt would not boot the original PC either.

    What am I missing?  Thanks in advance.

  • You need to boot from the source drive to perform the clone operation.

  • @admin. Is that so? Then Aomei's WinPE (or Linux CD) wouldn't work.

    @superiorts: try backup from source and restore on new drive. Make sure boith disks have the same MBR or GPT partition style.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies.  I appreciate it.

    @JohnnyboyGoI have two questions.  1.  When you say “backup from source”, are you referring to performing System Backup, Partition Backup, or Disk Backup?

    2.  If I perform one of those backups, will I still get hidden files and any required items that make a disk bootable?  I did not think that was the case.  That is why I performed a clone instead of a backup.  Not only do I need to bring data over to the new HDD, I need to bring the OS and any required items, visible or hidden, that make the drive bootable.  I thought cloning was the only way to do that.

  • Cloning = backup and restore via an in between medium. All the files needed to boot is in the disk and in the system backup. Only the patition backup/clone is not bootable by itself. That one is only data, but it has the hidden and system files as well if they are in that partition. 

    If you don't have another partition above C: then disk backup = system backup. If you have a D: partition then disk backup is everything while system is C: + system partiions, thus the minimum to make a bootable system.

  • Thank you for that information.

    My source HDD only has a single partition ( C: ), so I will try Disk Backup (or perhaps System Backup, if that doesn't work).

    I won't have access to the original PC for a while, but as soon as I can try again, I hope I will have good news to report.  

    Thanks again.

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